Interior of a paper mill showing a massive overhead crane handling a 50 ton roll of coated paper

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Laboratory at Workwear manufacturer Bierbaum-Proenen in Cologne

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Today’s testing laboratories are being challenged as never before to cost justify their operations. Clearly, the data they produce is useful and necessary….but at what price? AcquiData’s Testream®/CS directly impacts the bottom line by helping labs eliminate manual data entry and speed quality data reporting.

The result?

-Test data accuracy soars.

-Production yields increase with faster, more confident process change decisions.

-Lab productivity is significantly enhanced.

And best of all?  By automating your current test instrumentation, Testream/CS’s start up time is fast and the ROI is short.



“Installation of the [Testream®] System was easy with little interruption of normal work activities. Initial training was accomplished in two days; we started using the system right away. Although initially hesitant, the technicians now feel very comfortable with the system and appreciate the ease of data collection.

Test lab productivity has increased by 30% – 40% since we installed our Testream System over six years ago. Statistical errors have been eliminated. We’ve received very good customer service from AcquiData through support and software updates.”
-Client Quote


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