AcquiData, Inc. is a systems engineering and software company with extensive experience in the development, installation and support of software products that automatically acquire, analyze, display and store product quality information. Our Testream®/CS systems are installed all around the world automating quality control, quality assurance and research testing laboratories alike.

Founded in 1984, AcquiData has continually developed and enhanced its systems and service capabilities. We carefully analyze the requirements of our customers and recommend software and hardware configurations that will meet their needs and budgets. Our field engineers and customer service personnel work closely with new customers through every step of the automation process.

Once on-line with Testream®/CS, companies have a broad range of capabilities at their finger tips including automatic data acquisition from their own lab instruments, automatic interfaces to process control systems, flexible data analysis and reporting tools including real-time comparisons to customer quality specifications, innovative ISO-compliant support tools and audit/user ID password protected data management and secure storage.

By eliminating log sheets, manual keyboard data entry, transcription errors and hand calculations, Testream®/CS increases productivity and insures data accuracy. By providing turnkey solutions, AcquiData delivers immediate customer assistance and support covering any aspect of a Testream®/CS installation.

A Few of Our Customers