Testream/CS is a suite of application programs that work together to automate the collection, analysis, reporting, and storage of product quality information.

Testream/CS can be fully integrated with other information management systems. For example, Testream/CS can import sample identifiers from another system and export that data back to it, correctly tagged.

Testream/CS is actively in use in many production support testing labs as well as in corporate research facilities. By reviewing the list of the physical properties most frequently tested by our customers (click here), you can see if Testream/CS will fit into your current operations.

Our interface is two way, not simply a one way ‘dump’ of data to a PC file. Sample IDs, quality specifications, test method directions, etc all can be presented to the tester, and acquired data can be checked and analyzed before being sent off to the Testream/CS database.

Yes and no! Testream/CS offers extensive functionality surrounding the collection, analysis, reporting and storage of measurement data generated in a lab environment. It does not concern itself with the actual running of the laboratory: project status tracking, job costing, staff personnel management, etc.

That is very easy to do. The system is completely flexible in that regard – start with your most important test instruments, and then add additional instruments as your budget permits.

AcquiData, Inc provides free replacement test instrument driver programs under the terms of its Support Services program. We will keep Testream/CS current not only with your test instruments but also with all Microsoft program updates.

AcquiData, Inc can provide as much or as little technical support as you may need. From on-site installation and configuration for complete support, to remote assistance via internet connectivity for limited help, we can easily tailor the amount of technical support you will need for a successful installation. Our on-going Support Services program can be expanded to 24×7 for round-the-clock access to technical support.