Testream®/CS is a fully customizable PC-based lab automation system which will automatically acquire, analyze, and display product quality information directly from the test instrument. Comprised of several different software components, Testream®/CS has numerous benefits such as guaranteed data accuracy, a reduction testing time and increased lab efficiency,  and zero lag between finding a problem and alerting production. Testeam®/CS can save you time and money by eliminating manual data entry and offering a solution to the “hole” that many automation systems are missing.

When you purchase one Testream®/CS component or the whole package, one of our technical engineers will work directly with your personnel to quickly Testream®/CS installed in a timely and hassle-free manner. During installation, normal function of the lab can progress as usual so you will have no down time during any step of the process. Our technical engineers are available 24/7 and will make sure that Testream®/CS is integrated  flawlessly into any of your existing LIMS/MES systems and not simply tacked on as an extraneous addition. Take a look through our website to learn more about what features Testream®/CS can offer in order to improve your lab’s productivity and efficiency. Once you’re ready to take the next step, fill out our Requirements Analysis Survey and one of our sales staff will contact you with a free quote and benefit statement as it pertains to your specific lab set-up.

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