The Real-time Display program immediately ‘publishes’ the most current test results produced in the lab by automatically updating intranet-based web pages. Up to 200 different web page reports can be actively updated. Any PC with a network connection to the Testream®/CS Lab Server can browse these web pages and see the latest test results. These web pages are updated automatically so there is no need to hit a key to refresh the page.

Presented in a spreadsheet format, Real-time Display provides access to complete test results. From any cell, a single keystroke brings up the complete detail behind the displayed average: including the individual test readings that went into the average, along with statistical summaries of acquired readings and comparisons against quality targets.

Historical data is readily available with Real-time Display. Users can simply ‘scroll back in time’ to see their test results from proceeding samples. ‘T’ flags tell testers which tests need to be performed on each sample received. Real-time Display offers direct access to the Data Editor if editing is required. With the proper user ID/password the wrong result can quickly be fixed on the spot. Once the changes have been made, the program will automatically send those edits to the Testream®/CS database and to the logsheets. There are many more capabilities offered in Real Time Display.  Incorporating this into your day-to-day activities means personnel are better informed and able to make faster process change decisions. Production yields will go up and visits to lab will go down.

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