With this program, you will be able to edit test records stored in the Testream®/CS database. This information and editing privilege can be set-up with a User ID and Password and any edits you make will be synchronized to any other information systems connected to Testream/CS.

Edits can be made on both individual or group records and any changes made are written onto an Edit Audit Log. This Edit Audit Log runs silently in the background of Data Editor and keeps an accurate record of not only changes made to the database but who changed it and at what time.

Data Editor can be customized to include multiple levels of privileges which will block out certain functions from the general user.

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Easy Editing of Any Database Record

One of the most important programs contained within the Testream®/CS Lab Tool Kit is the Data Editor. Password and user ID protected, this program is the primary way to edit test records stored in the Testream®/CS database. This program also exports all edited test records to any other information system connected to Testream®/CS.

With the exception of the date and time stamp given a test record when it is created, any aspect of a database record can be changed with the Data Editor program. Editing can be done on records individually (called a “detailed record edit”), or a change can be applied to a group of records (called a “global edit”).

All changes made to a record are written out to the Edit Audit Log running in the background. Recorded in the audit log is the name of the person making the change (the password and ID used to access the Edit program), the date and time the change was made, and the pre- and post-edited records. Using the audit log, you can carefully track and protect any and all changes made to your test results database.

Controlled Access to Test Data

Another key role of the Data Editor program is to control access to the test data stored in theTestream®/CS database by tagging all test data flowing into the Testream®/CS database as either ‘unreleased’, or ‘released’.

If data is defined as ‘unreleased’, only those users with the proper password authority can see, edit or report on that data. This way, lab management can control the distribution of lab results—even if others have network access to theTestream®/CS database.

Once reviewed and verified for accuracy, test results may be ‘released’ via the Data Editor program for general use.

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