With many organizations hit hard by downsizing, it’s good to know that AcquiData’s technical support staff is ready to help, whether your automation plans call for the interfacing of one instrument—or one hundred.

AcquiData uses the Internet for virtually all of our customer support activities. When you place a purchase order for Testream/CS software for example, the ordered programs are immediately delivered to our web site. You simply click on the Customer Resource Center page and, by entering the appropriate purchase order information, you can quickly take delivery. The ordered programs can auto install themselves, be written to a file for later installation, or you can request a CD be sent to you.

System troubleshooting via the Internet means one of our field engineers is virtually ‘on site’ to work with you and remedy any problem that may arise. One-on-one training sessions may be conveniently and cost effectively accomplished via the Internet to help keep user skills sharp.


As always, if you have any questions or difficulties, our technical support is 24/7 and always able to assist you